Полезные ресурсы — Bring Your Lessons to Life through Global Collaboration on ePals!

Research shows that collaborative learning has a positive effect on student achievement. Collaborative, project-based experiences inspire students with real-world problems and bring lessons to life with dynamic, participatory learning. Students are more motivated and try harder because they're communicating with real people, for a real purpose.

You  can leverage the power of global collaboration in your classroom with , a learning network that connects more than one million classrooms across 200 countries and territories. With , students can  work together using familiar web 2.0 tools like blogs, wikis and media galleries to collaborate on research, discussions and multimedia projects.

Here are just a few ways to start using ePals in your  classroom:

▶ Create Real-World Connections for Each Topic: Find project partners for each content area your students are studying to enhance understanding and application of new concepts and to meet Common Core standards including Writing 6 and Writing 7.

▶ Pair Students with Global Peers: Pair students within a project workspace with peers from other countries to accomplish specific goals, such as completing joint inquiry projects.

▶ Host Online Discussions: Host dynamic discussions between students by posting forum topics for students to build on each other’s ideas and learn to express their own thoughts clearly and persuasively.

▶ Share Student Work: Have students publish their work and ideas to the project group using media galleries and encourage peer review.

▶ Create Collaborative Content: Use wikis to have student groups author joint content, such as a digital presentations and multimedia research reports.

You can join for free now  and start taking advantage of all the tools    has to offer.

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